gf-New Client – Content Check List

New Client - Content Check List

We will build your new site based on the content you want. This form helps us collaborate. Simple select the pages that you'd like to have on your site.
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  • Pick from the Most-Used Municipal Pages This list contains a group of pages that most municipal customers want on their site. Just uncheck what you do not want. Please note that you will be responsible for sending the information for each of the pages you select.
  • Below is a list of other pages that other municipalities have selected. Pick and choose whatever you would like to have on your site. You do not have to select them all Please note that YOU MUST BE ABLE TO SEND US CONTENT for whatever you select. We can build your site with blank pages, but it is best for your residents if you have pages with content. Content is king!
  • Contact us Page

    On your contact us page, we can display any and all information that is helpful for your residents. This can include the physical location of municipal building, the mailing address, etc. Please also include what you would like to be the official telephone/fax/email address(es).
  • Primary Email Address for the Contact Us Form
    Please indicate whether or not you'd like to have Google Maps added to the Contact Us page.
  • Graphics & Photos

    If you have any images readily available for us to use for your banner and design please include it here. You may also include a logo of your Town/Village/City if you have one available.
  • Project Timeline

    We will do our best to have the website completed within your estimated time frame. Completion often takes between 60-90 days, because we wait for your content.
  • What month & day would you like to have your site ready for launch?
  • Development Process

  • Prep Work

    1. You Send us Photos

    We create your banner graphics & build the homepage slideshow

    2. You Select the Pages

    We organize the site layout based on the pages you want on your site to have

  • Content Delivery
    3. You send us content

    We collect the PDF's, Word documents and text and move it all to Dropbox. We prep the files for the content migration.

    We do not provide:
    • Written Content

    • Stock Photos

    • Custom icon designs

  • Development Stage

    4. We build your Site

    We take the graphics & photos from Step 1 to build a staged version of your new site.

    We pre-fill it using content from your old site
    (if applicable).

    We also add all the content sent to us from Step 3.

  • Fix & Launch Stage

    5. We Reveal the Site

    6. We schedule Site Launch & Training

    You will learn how to do edits on your own, whenever you want

  • Support

    7. You Receive Free UNLIMITED Support

    Whenever you have questions or problems, just email or call us.

    You can also contact us through the Admin section of your website when logged in.

 New Client – Content Check List