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Managed Website Service

No More Finger Pointing

Typically, when building a website there are a number of vendors involved. There is a designer, a developer and a hosting company at minimum. When there is a problem the conversations often the fingers start pointing to the ‘other guy’. There is no finger pointing here. We consider ourselves 100% responsible for the success of your business online.

No More Technology Deployment Delays

There’s no reason to delay a new website until you have thousands of dollars of cash to available. Our company allows you to create your new website now and distribute the cost of both the build and the maintenance over many years. Don’t delay putting the best solution to work for you. You can take advantage of the best emerging technologies to grow your business today.

Provide Total Solution Bundling

We’ve done all the research and bundled the features for a small business website service into one platform. We’ve spend hundreds of hours and a small fortune to create a platform that rivals what you’ll get from a Madison Avenue marketing firm. You will be hard pressed to find a solution in the same price range that gives you the features, security and flexibility that we’ve created for you Maintenance, support and training costs are bundled into the monthly cost.

Minimal Startup Cost

Because costs are spread over the life of the website the initial expenditure is small. This allows you to obtain a state of the art website quickly and inexpensively.

Create a Positive Cash Flow

When your new website is launched, if you follow marketing best practices, you will quickly turn your website from an expense into an asset. What are ‘marketing best practices’? What this means that you incorporate your online marketing into your overall marketing plan. When you are talking to customers, vendors and prospects tell them about the site and encourage them to visit it. Give them a reason to visit your site by posting company news, interesting articles and the latest information about your niche or industry. Most importantly, engage a company with a proven track record to manage a PPC and/or SEO campaign to direct traffic to your website.

Protect Against Obsolescence

Technology changes FAST! Our platform is updated on a regular basis. As new technology is available and security patches are deployed. Your new platform future-proofs your business by bundling the ability to upgrade the features, content and look of your site at any time into your package. When a new and improved technology has been developed, tested and hardened the platform is upgraded, meaning that you get the advantage of leading-edge technology as it becomes available.

Conserve Working capital

Your organization’s cash flow and line of credit can be conserved for profit-generating activities, emergency needs, and investments.

Promote Consistent Budgeting

With consistent monthly payments, budget projections are easy.

Accommodate Project-by-Project Requirements

Our website platform can accommodate virtually any requirement you may have now and in the future. We can adapt your website to accommodate your new requirements as your business changes and grows. Whether you require the addition of new products and services, a branding makeover or adding a new whole new product line to your company, updates to your site are just an email away. Our websites are built for growth.

Digital Technology Integration

In addition to managing every aspect of your web presence, we also work with you to identify business challenges that can be solved or transformed by using web technologies that integrate with and extend .

Marketing Funnels

Once you website is launched the next question is “How do we get people to contact us and buy our stuff?” We will be there to develop both the strategy and plan to funnel customers to your site and turn them into customers.

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