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Website Hosting

Premium Hosting

We use premium managed hosting that is many levels above commonly used website hosting platforms. Below is a list of some of what our hosting environment includes:

Hosting provider conducts periodic code reviews and security audits of all internal environments and processes. They partner with third-party, independent security firms to ensure best practice security measures are always in place. Plus, they conduct frequent, proactive vulnerability scans and perform penetration testing.
The servers are scanned for insecure or CPU intensive website components on hosted websites and automatically removed when necessary.
Hack guarantee – In the unlikely event that a site is compromised, the host will fix it at no extra cost to us.
Sites are separated from other customers at the kernel and filesystem level
The host “blocks millions of attacks each day. Not only do we mitigate garden variety DDoS and brute force attacks, but thousands of rule sets specifically tuned for WordPress identify and prevent attacks before they happen. Our proprietary, adaptable intrusion detection and prevention system dynamically detects and blocks malicious behavior such as JavaScript/SQL-injection attacks and even more sophisticated attacks such as XML-RPC attacks. And of course, we block IP addresses identified as belonging to spammers or hackers.  Includes disk write limitations and protection against scripts known to contain vulnerabilities. We also implement PHP tuning to disallow dangerous or insecure commands.
SLA – service availability of 99.95% (“Service Availability”), calculated on a calendar month

Technology Stack

The platform stack includes:

  • Google cloud storage
  • Servers located in the US
  • Apache + Nginx & Varnish
  • MaxCDN. (Formerly called NetDNA)
  • HTTP/2
  • Database: MySQL for Debian-Linux-gnu (x86_64)
  • Data access via SFTP
  • Latest PHP release
  • SSL included
  • Flexible traffic bandwidth
  • Automated Daily backups and backups prior to system updates
  • 24/7 365 Technical support in US, UK and Ireland
  • Robust anti-hack, anti virus measures are deployed and monitored

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